About Me

Lorraine Gachelin

Certified and Licensed Vibrational Sound Practitioner (VSTCLP)

I was exposed to natural healing growing up and learned various tools along the way. After retiring from a full-time career in art, communications, marketing and branding, I pursued certifications in various healing modalities. One training led to the next, and my skills grew.

I have been certified in Reiki, levels 1, 2 and 3, Vibrational Sound Therapy, Crystal Reiki, and Angelic Healing. I am a graduate of the Shiva Murti Healing Academy in Los Angeles and in the process of completing a course in medical intuition and a certification in Mindfulness.

My Chakra Center is my new business and was born out of a desire to be a conduit of healing energy to those interested in exploring a natural approach to healing stress or dis-ease. Here, I am delighted to share my passion for the healing arts through various services, artwork and jewelry.

As the first Dallas-based Shiva Murti practitioner and one of the few licensed vibrational sound practitioners in the Dallas area, I offer a unique combination of modalities that compliment each other.

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