IMG_3587“I choose to feel balanced, focused and serene in my day to day.”

Life is busy.  We get so caught up in our daily tasks that we forget to take care of our number one priority – ourselves.  It’s important to stop, take a deep breathe and ground yourself from time to time.

Our true nature responds to vibrational frequency, color therapy, crystals and meditation.  Vibrational Sound TherapyReiki and Chakra Balancing boost the body’s innate healing mechanisms, reintroducing equilibrium to the system.

My most recent modality, Siwa Murti Healing, is old world medicine from Bali, Indonesia and provides natural healing by removing emotional blockages and replacing with healthy divine energy. 

All of my services complement each other.  These are wonderful ways to work preventively to give you more resistance to dis-ease.  They are also helpful to more fragile systems that need some extra support to work towards healing.  All approaches have the same objective:  through intention and focus, we work together to create a pathway to your well-being.

Descriptions about the various modalities can be found here:

Vibrational Sound Therapy

Siwa Murti Healing     


Chakra Balancing


Energy Clearing for Home or Business


“Collective Conscious”, includes a Vibrational Sound Therapy session infused with a bit of Reiki and a before/after Chakra Reading, followed by a SoulArt drawing.
Session lasts 1h45 – 2hrs, $160

“Healing Touch”, includes a Vibrational Sound Therapy session infused with a bit of Reiki and a before/after Chakra Reading.
Session lasts 1hr, $111

“Siwa Shakti”, pairs Siwa Murti, an ancient healing modality that is still practiced in Bali, Indonesia today with a Chakra reading and opening of the energy centers, followed by a cleansing and protection of the auric field completes this session. Session lasts 1hr,  $133

You may book a session with me HERE.  Or, if you can’t find an appointment time that suits you, please feel free to reach out directly to me here.  We will make it work!

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The energy healing modalities at My Chakra Center are not substitutes for medical or psychological treatment, nor do they replace the services of healthcare professionals.  They are modalities to help support healing through deep relaxation and the balance of the energies of the body.  It is advisable to consult with a medical doctor if suffering from any health care issues.