Vibrational Sound Therapy


Vibrational Sound Therapy (VST) combines powerful vibration and sound to induce an immediate relaxed state.  The introduction of sound waves directly into the body, along with soothing ambient tones, is such a strong modality that effects range from a meditative state to deep relaxation.

In today’s stressful environment, most people live life sustaining their sympathetic nervous system, also known as fight or flight.  Ideally, we would all activate our parasympathetic nervous system, which would keep us calm and allow for a more balanced mind, body and spirit.  A VST session opens this parasympathetic nervous system and it is sustained for 72 hours.

While receiving relaxation through VST, visible signs of the effect are shown.  Muscle tension is seen to decrease, the mind becomes calm, blood pressure decreases, heart rate and breathing rate slows down, and the harmful effects of prolonged exposure to stress seem to melt away.  The vibrations increase blood flow to major muscles, reduce muscle tension and gently reduce chronic pain.  The gentle tone helps to focus our minds, fostering stronger concentration and balanced moods while reducing fatigue.  A focused mind will better deal with anger and frustration, boosting your confidence to help handle problems.

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50-minute session, $90


“Collective Conscious”, includes a Vibrational Sound Therapy session infused with a bit of Reiki and a before/after Chakra Reading, followed by a SoulArt drawing.
Session lasts 1h45 – 2hrs, $160

“Healing Touch”, includes a Vibrational Sound Therapy session infused with a bit of Reiki and a before/after Chakra Reading.
Session lasts 1hr, $111

“Siwa Shakti”, pairs Siwa Murti, an ancient healing modality that is still practiced in Bali, Indonesia today with a Chakra reading and opening of the energy centers, followed by a cleansing and protection of the auric field completes this session. Session lasts 1hr,  $133

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