Siwa Murti Healing


Siwa Murti initiation.  Energy emanates from the fingers during daily activation rituals.

Siwa Murti is an ancient healing modality that is still practiced in Bali, Indonesia today.

Through the use of Vedic breath, the practitioner acts as a conduit for channeled source energy, sending healing to the client.

Similar to Reiki on an energetic level, Siwa Murti (also known as Shiva Murti) checks specific pressure points on the body to determine areas that need attention.

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Siwa Murti Sessions

Siwa Murti healings are considered blessings and given with positive intention, sending loving and compassionate energy to the receiver.

During a session, the client receives a full body inspection for any energy blocks contributing to their pain and/or illness.  Energy blocks are removed through breath and energy healing, thus eliminating or lessening the pain or illness.

Clients should be dressed comfortably and will remove their shoes for the session.

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Siwa Murti Session, includes consultation, $100, (45 minutes) 

“Siwa Shanti”, $133, (60 minutes)

This package pairs the above Siwa Murti session with a Chakra Reading/Balancing session.  A complete Chakra reading and opening of the energy centers, followed by a cleansing and protection of the auric field completes this session.

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More about Siwa Murti

The Siwa Murti (Shiva Murti) Balinese energy healing modality has recently been introduced in the US through a disciple of Master Teacher Ratu Nabe.  The results of this healing approach are incredible.  Often the healing is rapid and tangible.

I learned of Siwa Murti while watching a documentary called 6th Floor: Expanding Possibility on Gaia TV and an interview on Regina Meredith’s Open Minds.  I immediately knew that this “old medicine” healing approach could benefit many of my clients and provide natural healing by removing emotional blockages and replacing with healthy divine energy.

Neil Aaron, Level 6 Teacher and Healer with Lorraine Gachelin during a Siwa Murti Healing Social event in Dallas.


Are you interested in becoming a Siwa Murti healer?

Neil Aaron, Level 6 Healer of Siwa Murti, has received the blessing and permission to teach this sacred modality from the Master Teacher in Bali.  Please reach out to Neil directly for more information about his upcoming workshop.  Let him know you learned of his class on My Chakra Center’s website!



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