Energy Clearing for Home or Business

Your space, whether at home or at work, should carry harmonious energy, allowing your mind to feel at peace while creativity and productivity flourish. An energy clearing is very healing and benefits the relationship you have with yourself and others living/ working in your space. This allows for a more collaborative environment, encouraging compassion, empathy and joy. Visitors feel that the environment is healthy when walking into the space. They feel safe and a sense of serenity.

Would you benefit from a space clearing? Do any of these apply to you?

  • You’ve experienced turbulence or drama in your relationships, family dynamics, work associates, clients.
  • You want to boost your resistance to outside influences (ie. pandemic, anything happening in the news/media) by having a safe haven to restore your mind/body/spirit.
  • You are selling a home and in need of neutralizing energies to de-personalize your space so that prospective tenants can visualize the space as theirs.
  • You are buying a new home and want to move into a space that vibrates at a higher and more positive frequency.
  • You have a space that has experienced a lack of activity. This could be due to travel, a move, a closed business, an illness, etc. The energy becomes stagnant and needs refreshing.
  • Someone living/working in your space has been ill or passed away.

Why does a space need clearing?

Energy acts like a sponge, soaking in all the emotions that transpire within an environment. Stagnant energy tends to get stuck in corners of rooms or other hiding places that don’t have good airflow. It also gets stuck in cluttered and messy areas. It’s always beneficial to declutter your space and remove unnecessary items before a space clearing. Not only does it free up the mind to have clean/open spaces to focus on, it prevents extra energy from settling and becoming dense frequency.

What does a clearing process look like?

Once the space has been decluttered by the client, I will arrive with my basket of tools, which includes items such as sound therapy bowls, sage, palo santo, crystals, etc. I will first walk through the space and get a “feel” for the energy currently living there. This will determine the focus areas of my clearing – which could be in specific rooms or the entirety of the property. Dormant energies are then awakened and any other energy that doesn’t serve the greater purpose of the space is identified. A selected sage bundle is then used to smudge and clear the energies. Once cleared, blessings of love and divine light are brought in to uplift and protect the space and its residents – all for their best and highest good.

Interested in booking a space clearing?

My fee begins at $250 and increases depending on the square footage, the location and the energetic needs of the space. An empty home generally requires less time than a fully furnished house or fully stocked office/ business.
Please note that I work by referral and/ or with acquaintances/ current clients. For more information and to discuss your space clearing, please write to or call 214-587-0228.

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