“My body became a temple of healing. It was powerful. It was incredible.”


“I had my first Vibrational Sound Therapy with Lorraine and it was a really interesting discovery and experience. The power of the bowls is amazing as you feel the sensation growing and living in your own body. The sound is very inspiring and relaxing. I fell asleep twice during the session, lulled by the spiritual vibes in my head. For a couple of days after the session, I could still feel the benefits of this mind-opening therapy with Lorraine, especially in terms of reduced stress and muscle tension.”


“Lorraine is a gift. She has a gift. She is incredibly intuitive and has so much compassion for her clients. I felt loved, hugged and guided so expertly during my time on her table. She sent me a meditation to listen to afterwards. She really cares about you and your well being. I HIGHLY recommend a visit to My Chakra Center. Lorraine is awesome.”


“I enjoyed a wonderful deep relaxation and reconnection session at My Chakra Center. Not only is Lorraine a beautiful and compassionate soul but I got to experience her expertise in vibrational sound therapy, REIKI and a soul art drawing. Anyone needing to rejuvenate body and soul should definitely book a session with her!


“I came to see Lorraine a few days ago. I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect but I was blown away! When we were finished with the vibrational therapy I felt physically tall, and calm but very alert. I had been having trouble sleeping so I was pretty fatigued when I came in. Since then I have had no trouble falling asleep and staying asleep through the night. She also did an intuitive drawing that was really cool and super insightful! I highly recommend doing all the services she offers. I’ll definitely be going back!”


“Lorraine is amazing and her work is flawless. Through her Chakra work Lorraine gives to my body the energy and strength it needs to face psychologically, emotionally, and spiritually the needs of my daily life. After each session I feel a new burst of energy and an intense interior peace that echoes in all areas of my life. I periodically take to my sessions my Chakra stones which Lorraine purifies and energizes. These prolong at home the benefits of her physical sessions. I highly recommend Lorraine and her studio.”


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