My paintings are a reflection of what my personal journey and communication with the divine convey.  Various collections were created through different approaches – some while in a meditative trance and “souly” open to source working through me.   Often the final art aligns with an awareness or idea that had been present in my inner space.  Other times, my work is generated as a result of reflective soul-searching moments.  I explore by using  a variety of sacred tools to nourish my work with the awareness my soul needs at the time.

My work is available for purchase.  Please contact me here to discuss payment and delivery/shipping.

Enjoy your journey through my collections. 💖  You may also visit my Jewelry for the Soul Collections here.

Seat of the Soul Collection

Seat of the Soul, 1L
Seat of the Soul 1L | oil on canvas | 36×36 | $2800
Seat of the Soul L2
Seat of the Soul 2L | Oil on canvas | 36×36 | $2800


Honor Phoenix Rising Collection

Phoenix Rises 1
PR 1 | Oil on canvas | 54x73cm (21.25″ x 28.74″) | $1111
Phoenix Rises 2
PR 2 | Oil on canvas | 65x81cm (25.59″ x 31.88″) | $1444


Visit my Jewelry for the Soul Collections here.